February 1, 2024


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Mrs. Candy Lowe-Jones

Mrs. Candy Lowe-Jones is married to Daryll ‘DJ’ Jones and is a mother of two and grandmother to three boys. She has excelled as the founder of Black Business Bus Tour (BBBT) in Tampa since 2006. Throughout the years, Mrs. Lowe-Jones established a successful business as a way to raise awareness and promote African American-owned businesses. Equally important, Ms. Lowe-Jones wanted to establish partnerships, economic development, and longevity throughout the surrounding communities. The #BBBT has visited hundreds of businesses and thousands of riders from surrounding cities and states to include elected officials, and in 2019 and 2021 Ms. Lowe-Jones accepted a City of Tampa Commendation for the tour’s mission/work. The #BBBT has been featured multiple magazines throughout the state of Florida as well as in USA Today and The Black Enterprise.

As a serial entrepreneur, Mrs. Lowe-Jones found success as the owner of a local tea shop in Tampa and worked as a campaign manager, organizer, and branding guru for Candy Lowe Enterprise. She has additionally served as a licensed practical nurse for over 30 years and marketing director for a number of local rehab centers.

Mrs. Lowe-Jones is the former founder of The Independent Black Chamber of Commerce and has been the senior host of Tea and Conversation since 2004. Mrs. Lowe-Jones was presented with a Community Organizer Award from the George Edgecomb Bar Association, which she is most proud of.