February 1, 2024


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Mrs. Norma Robinson and the late Mr. Joseph Robinson

The Museum’s founders retired to Florida from New York in 1997, and settled in Sulphur Springs.  As member of the Sulphur Springs Action (SSAL) league, they became community advocates for the community . Norma served as Secretary of SSAL, and her roles in the community have included managing teen programs, working with Cub Master Boys Scouts, tutoring for PCAT (Parents and Children Achieve Together), and participating the first Mayor’s Neighborhood University. The Robinsons, together with the late Linda Hope, founded the Museum, and Norma volunteered as its Director. She maintains a key role in Museum operations.

Sulphur Springs, is home to many historic buildings and sites, has a rich and diverse history. Longtime residents and members of the Sulphur Springs Neighborhood Association created the Museum’s vision: to showcase this history, contribute to the community’s economic growth, increase respect and preservation of its natural features, and provide educational resources and opportunities. Our Museum was founded in 2006, as we partnered with faculty and students in University of South Florida’s Department of Anthropology, who helped us by performing research, conducting oral histories with local residents, and providing other resources to support our initiative. In 2017, we opened in a new facility at the Mann-Wagnon Memorial Park, marking a new era for the museum.